Næsseslottet is not just one of Denmark's most beautiful castles. It is also located in one of the most beautiful corners of Denmark. Here is full of tranquility. Enjoy the change of seasons from the comforts of the main building - exactly as Frédéric de Coninck and his family did. Explore the forest, which hides impressive monuments from a bygone era. See it all from a boat trip on Furesøen. In complete peace and harmony with the nature around you.

Hostrups Hotel 

Hostrups Hotel Tønder, has a long and traditional history. In its present form, the hotel consists of a beautiful, newly renovated hotel, with large banqueting rooms, own Restaurant ROS, bar with lounge and of course a garden room. 

The many years of history, good food and hotel decor make it worthwhile to visit Hostrups Hotel Tønder. As late as 2020, at the change of ownership, Hostrup's restaurant has been upgraded, which, in the current owners view, has brought their successful Restaurant ROS into the old Hostrups Hotel Tønder, thus ensuring the hotel's continued operation.