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Unique cushions in Silent pink

Add a bit of character to your home and make your interior stand out with our cushions.

Candles in spring colours

With our extensive and unique range of rustic candles, available in a variety of sizes in a beautiful colour palette, you have endless decoration possibilities. 

Home fragrance diffusers

Discover these scents and add some personality to a room 

Velvet cover Silent pink 

Mathea throw striped Coral

Printed cover Catja Fern green

Velvet cover Maddie quilted

Lanterns for every occasion

Rattan lanterns illuminate your space with style


Beautiful and super soft wool throw with long, fluffy tassels and a satisfying thickness.

Sunset colours

Add a bit of character to your home and garden. Make it stand out with our cushions. 

Into the Jungle colours

Create a beautiful livingroom with our colourful cushions to make the room actually you. Hues unleashed: jungle green, ochre, and violet palette inspiration

Complementing candles

We have added violet, jungle green, and caramel and crystal rose.

Carla throw plays well

Enjoy this super soft throw with long, fluffy tassels and a satisfying thickness. The bold patterns are striking and the unique mix of colours will make your interior stand out.

Linen cover Maggie Ocean

Cover Carla Jungle

Linen cover Jungle green

Cassias rechargeable LED lamp

Marrakech heat

Dive into the trend with burned brown colour palette

Decorative candles

With our extensive colour palette, you have endless decoration possibilities. Cobolt blue, sky blue, caramel and golden orange play well together.

Bedding in Marrakech

Create a beautiful bedroom with our velvet headboards. Add our colourful big gable and small cushions to make the room actually you. Also complete the look with our Adel mirror piedestal for bedside stand.

Linen cover Terracotta

Cover Catja Burnt orange

Mathea throw striped Sea blue

Velvet cover Granada sky

Calm and neutral environment

Create a calm and relaxing room with our Effie chair and Silja table. Add our Lulu lamp to make the room actually you.

Environmentally friendly LED candles

The LED candles have a real paraffin exterior and 3D electronic flame gently flickers, creating a cozy warm light.  

Fryd bedside stand

An elegant combination of marble on a sleek, powder-coated metal frame.

Effie lounge chair snow

Silja side table

Sophisticated Sunday diffuser

Lulu lamp snow

Lounge style

The chair is made with soft and cuddly teddy fabric which invites you to sit down and relax. Add our sleek Adel mirror table and Coco lamp to complete the look.

Portable LED lamps

The Cassias lamps is wireless, rechargeable LED lamp. It is the clear choice on dining tables, bookcases or nightstand to create a intimate atmosphere.

Exclusive Berta marble Lamp

This masterpiece is a sleek cone-shaped design crafted from the most luxurious grey marble, it gives a soft ambient glow. 

Berta grey marble lamp

Cassias rechargeable LED lamp

Andrea lounge chair

Adel mirror sidetable



Decoration for your home

This season Bahne invites you to use cotton mache products and decoration with holographic effect.

Funghi glass lamps

Funghi table lamps in 4 different colours gives a nice personal touch for your room.

Vases and candleholders

Designing dreams: Your ultimate guide to inspired home decoration

Cotton mache decoration vase

Clam vase - Mother of pearl

Garden tumbler glass  

Funghi glass table lamp



Crystal candle holders

The colored glass candle holders, vases and candles come in matching delicious colors. Fabulous items with a bright yet classy look. 

Famous Miss Étoile smile

A Miss Étoile gift box is feminine, creative, and says love in any language. They come in many different varieties and are a perfect surprise for all ages.


Silicon tools are unbeatable. They are odor-resistant, can do everything from scraping up batter to mixing, flipping, and turning directly in a pan.

Coffee cup set 4pcs

Cake stand

Long spoons 4 pcs 

Ice cream cup purple



The crystal Lotus rainbow love

The light from candles in combination with the crystal glass will add personality and edge to any home.

Flavour of the day

Beautiful glass, shaker and Ice bucket. The glass is cast in a crystal look and is beautiful both for drinks or as a water glass.

Smoke crystal candleholders

Luxurious design that creates a delicious hotel atmosphere and creates an exclusive feeling in your home

Lotus votive rainbow

Crystal candleholder smoke

Hotel bedlinen grey/brown

Smoke candle holder L