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Næsseslottet is not only one of Denmark's most beautiful castles. It is also located in one of the most beautiful corners of Denmark. Here, there is lots of tranquility. Enjoy the change of seasons from the chambers of the main building - just as Frédéric de Coninck and his family did. Explore the forest around which hides impressive monuments from a bygone era. Or see it all a bit from a new side with a boat trip on Furesøen. In complete peace and harmony with the nature around you.

Renovation based on history

Wherever you look at Næsseslottet, it is a real delight for the eye. From floor to ceiling. From top to bottom. Loving renovation based on history and a deep respect for the people who once lived and breathed here - combined with a look into the future. Here, past and present meet with a stylish look for both the small details and the big whole.

The southern English manors

With inspiration taken from the southern English manor parks and help from landscape architect Henri Devon, Frédéric de Coninck succeeded in transforming the park into Denmark's first romantic garden. Planted with exotic trees, of which you can still explore, just as winding paths that led in all directions and breathtaking viewpoints over the beautiful Furesø.