` Cozy living takes over activities from Bahne & Co. -Cozy living A/S

Cozy living takes over activities 

from Bahne & Co.

Cozy living is taking over Sales Activities of Bahne, Margit Brandt and Gorm’s from Bahne & Co. This will give the retailers direct access to a European retailer network and an efficient online b2b platform. Sales, marketing and distribution of the three well known interior brands, Bahne, Margit Brandt and Gorm’s will on 3rd December transfer to the interior company Cozy living. Cozy living has over the last 7 years built a well-known interior brand - a brand based on the Nordic design values and traditions. The new setup will grant direct access to Bahne & Co’s customers to Cozy living’s efficient webshop and an even larger assortment. 

Cozy living x Bahne

Cozy living is a wholesale company going
through rapid growth. From the first day our
focus has been to give the customers a simple
 and well-functioning online webshop and
 an efficient distribution of the goods.

“Cozy living is a perfect match for Bahne & Co. Their well-functioning online platform and wide-spread distribution network makes an effective partner for our wide range which now will reach even more customers,”  

- Jacob Bahne, CEO Bahne. 

“We are extremely happy to welcome the three strong brands in our portfolio of Nordic inspired interior collections. This agreement means that we can extend our product selection with a couple of thousand new items. All four brands complement each other and together we can offer our customers a really strong collection which covers virtually all areas of the interior industry,” 

- Tine Timm Hemicke, CEO Cozy living.

About Bahne

Supplier of interior and home products to 23 Bahne-stores. Bahne & Co develops brands and assortments based on sales in Bahne’s retail stores, enabling us to deliver pre-tested concepts/assortments with proven sales results to wholesale customers in Denmark as well as export markets. Bahne & Co will continue development and distribution of the brand Miss Etoile directly to customers worldwide. No change in this setup, and our sales team will continue serving customers from our office in Vejle.